Bridging both/and

December 30, 2006


Prior to my quest – I worked a lot with the symbol of the spiral – a representation for me of the never ending work at hand. Round and round I went – yet it wasn’t really a wheel – I also use the wheel, the hoop, the circle – this was definitely a spiral – a type of circling that moves in to my center or just as easily can move out into the world.

When I began therapy with Salmon Boy I kept having an image of a horizontal plane – and light above and dark below – and this spiral that came up from the darkness into the light and then after a period of illumination – dipped back into the depths – coming up for light.

It was extraordinary for me to trust the depth, the dark, knowing that I could allow myself to rest there without fear. Whether I worked and struggled or surrendered and opened my eyes – the spiral would insure that I would be catapulted topside at some point.

During my quest – I worked a lot with the symbol of the triangle – a representation for me of yes/no and both – the holy trinity – the greater being formed from the union of this and that. For me it is also a symbol of pointing in a direction – as in a road sign. Arrien talks about the triangle as representing goals, visions, dreams – a period of searching, seeking questing – a visionary time of seeing all possibilities.

This drawing emerged about two months after my solo vigil as I mused on the triangle and spiral and how each has been a hidden gift for me and also my hidden gift for others. I was vaguely aware at the time of the bridge as a separator between the top and bottom of the drawing – but more aware of the separation between the left and right.

Today – seven months after my solo time – I see the quadrants – and the intersection of the river flowing from north to south and the bridge that connects east and west.

Today I see the processes of the spiral and triangle united with the circle of the four directions. The river and the bridge form the equidimensional cross. It is heartening to go back and study this imagery in the light of who I am today.

Many thanks to a woman who comes from both clan of bear and clan of eagle for prompting me to revisit this place of beauty. She too is living her original medicine out into the world. Ho! to both of us. Ho! to our courage! Ho! to our uncertainties! Ho! to the bridge that connects us.


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