Hope’s Edge

December 29, 2006

After listing the books on my nightstand yesterday – I set off for Shank’s Bakery for a piece of Baklava and a cup of coffee and a visit to our public library. I took a list – made from my Amazon wishlist – and of the dozens of books on the wishlist – my library has a few of those books, a few more books by authors who are on my list, but mostly – there is a huge disconnect between what I read and what my local library carries. Same with my local Barnes and Noble.

At dawn I read several short chapters in

Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette
by Sena Jeter Naslund

Now later in the morning – after a breakfast of two scrambled eggs – I curled up with Hope’s Edge.

The book opens with a quote.

Hope cannot be said to exist, nor can it be said not to exist.
It is just like the roads across the earth.
For actually there were no roads to begin with,
but when many people pass one way a road is made.
~~Lu Hsun, 1921

What draws me into this book with such an immediacy is her questions:

What might I reexamine in my own belief system that justifies what it should not? How can I align my actions with my deepest values?

She says that by asking these questions we push ourselves to Hope’s Edge.

The fascinating synchronicity for me is that these are the same questions I hear being asked at Weaving Soulful Community. These are the same questions Iam asking myself. How can I align my actions with my deepest values?

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions – they don’t stick and this time of year isn’t really my “new year.” For me the new year begins as the sun seems to hover for days , low in the winter sky, and then after the longest night, it lingers a few more days there and then begins to climb higher into the sky, each day a bringing a few more seconds of daylight and in time, warming the cold earth of my garden and awakening the the plants and me to the glories of summer.

Yet I find that I want to sit with this question for the next season – perhaps until the vernal equinox.

How can I align my actions with my deepest values?


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