Ex Libris – Winter 2006

December 28, 2006

Current readings…

Close to the Bone: Life Threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning

by Jean Shinoda Bolen

I have had this for years and not read it – but I loaned it out and it returned to me and it was laying around and I couldn’t find my copy of Crossing to Avalon so I picked it up. I immediately knew this was a deepening of my Inanna/Ereskigal study. I have shelved Persephone and Demeter for the moment and my current focus is the Descent of the Goddess which brings me to…

Descent to the Goddess (Studies in Jungian Psychology) (Paperback)

by Sylvia Brinton Perera

This has been on and off my nightstand and in my backpack for several weeks. It is a lovely marriage of goddess worship and the feminine nature of men. It has a section on male therapists as guides to a woman’s soul and it felt like it was written for Salmon boy and me.

Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life : How to Finally, Really Grow Up

by James Hollis

I am re-reading this as part of a “bookclub” – DivineDiscernment Out of all the book recommendations I make – this one seems to be one of the more transformative books – for those who are ready to “wake up.”

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing (Religion and Spirituality) (Paperback)

by Brooke Medicine Eagle

This was recommended to me before my quest – and although I must have read 100 books before I left – this was not one of them. I am glad I didn’t read it before I went. I would not have heard her message then.

Keys to Drawing (Paperback)

by Bert Dodson

I had not heard of the publisher – North Light – until I read Art Escapes ( LOVE that BOOK!!!!) and from her book I branched out to this one. I do not love this book – it is the reason I never did art before my quest. I can draw from my mind’s eye the imagery I see – but so far the seeing and then recreating is illusive. So this book haunts me – and often ends up tucked under a sofa cushion – out of sight and forgotten… hmmmhhh

The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature

Foster and Little

I read many of Steven’s books in preparation for my quest – and animas.org uses his quest handbook as their “textbook” for questers. This volume is not an easy read – and is not like any of the other four directions practices I study – or have read about – but I am letting its teachings unfold slowly… It may be one of those books that I am not ready to read yet.

The Odyssey (Vintage classics) (Paperback)

by Homer, Jackie Schuman (Illustrator), Robert Fitzgerald (Translator)

My husband used this book in one of his classes and I always wanted to read it. When I began my practice of “Gathering Medicine” I became even more interested in the oral traditions. The Celts had stories that were never written – only spoken – and they also had a sacred alphabet – that they was never used for “to do lists.” Everytime I see the George Clooney film – Oh Brother – I feel illiterate for all the references to the Odyssey that I don’t understand. So this is a “should” on my nightstand that I make myself pick up now and again… and one day I will pick it up and voila!

Shadow Dance (Paperback)

by David Richo

yes – I admit – I have everything the man has ever written… I adore How to be an Adult and Lynn and I are struggling through How to be an Adult in Relationship.

Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert (Paperback)

by Terry Tempest Williams

I also just red Refuge – and cried my eyes out through that book. Red – is one of those books that takes me back to my solo time in the desert – even though my place of beauty was high above the canyons – >8000′ her writing captures the more than human world. She is my favorite essayist right now.

The Mist-Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and Seekers (Paperback)

by Frank MacEowen

My roots are predominantly Nordic with some Celt thrown in for good measure. What I love about this book – is that he reminds us that we all come from people with indigenous wisdom – no one has to “copy” anyone else’s rituals and practices – we are all rooted in earth centered wisdom at our core. I loaned this to Salmon Boy and it has just come back to me – so I am re-reading it.

Aphrodite’s Daughters : Women’s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul (Paperback)

by Jalaja Bonheim

This was on my wishlist forever! And after I read the Passion of Mary Magdalen by Elizabeth Cunningham – I knew I must get this book and read more about sacred prostitution. Caroline’s experiences with Glenn and her frank and open sharing about her sexuality – opened a window into a dark interior space for me. Caroline – my poppy in the Wild! – you are a pathfinder for me.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter (Paperback)

by Sue Monk Kidd

After my father died – a friend loaned this to me – and insisted I return it to her since it was out of print. I read it and cried and cried and cried – for her journey. I had no idea at the time I was weeping for me – and the journey ahead of me! I am thrilled that it was re-released in paperback and is readily available now. It is ironic that she made her name as a writer of Christian non-fiction. She had a loyal following of Christians. When she “woke up” and began her exploration of the Sacred Feminine – it terrified her to imagine what would happen to her and to her place in the world if she told her true story. I am delighted to see that she told her true story, took a risk with her passion to write fiction, and legions of women discovered her! Which necessitated her non-fiction coming back into print. The universe supports us when we say YES! to the summons of the soul. The first time I read this – I yearned for women to lead me into this sacred space that she lived. Now – three years later – I am the woman creating and leading women into these liminal spaces. She was the clear mirror of my becoming and I didn’t know it.

I am learning that when my first response to something is deep weeping – and a feeling inconsolable – it is a hint of a lost part of me coming home to be remembered. I could hardly read Soulcraft it hurt so much the first time through!

That’s what is on my nightstand… Not to mention what is on the floor by the side of my bed, next to my chair in the living room, or piled around the computer here upstairs.

What books are supporting your journey? Where are you finding wisdom in the words of others? What’s on your nightstand?


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