Abbey Mirror – Twelve

December 26, 2006

Mirror Work – Lady of the Lake
Written: Sunday 10/29/2006

In the tradition that I study, anything can be a mirror of my inner process – people, animals, and most especially nature. For so many of us “modern” men and women – nature is “out there.” What we forget is that nature was there before we arrived and if we do not totally destroy our planet – she will be there long after we leave. Perhaps what has changed is our relationship with Her.

When did we decide that nature is something to be trussed and tied, subdued and contained, managed and devoured?

What hope is there for our earth if we see Her only as a supplier of natural resources? What will happen when all the ones who can remember how to praise her have crossed over? It is easy to fall into despair and despondency and to feel helpless. It is far more difficult to pay attention to what is working, and follow that flow of energy.

How do you pay attention to what is working? Where is nature a mirror for your inner process?

When I told my family and friends about my plans to quest – many of them were frightened. They shared their worries with me – would I get lost? probably not… be eaten by a bear? not likely… encounter a mountain lion? gosh that would be a thrill! mostly they wondered what would happen to me – alone for three days and nights – fasting for four days and nights.

What happened was a glorious conversation with the non-human world – reflecting back to me with utter certainty that the whole world is holding its breath – waiting for me fill the niche that only I can fill.

The process of reincorporation – literally coming back into my body – is at times painful and prickly – but I am finding my way – expanding my breadth of experiences and finding the men and women who can be clear mirrors for me. When we look into a clear mirror – and like what we see – it is our incipient self looking back at us – yearning to be re-membered.

Here I go mixing metaphors – but roaming through Lemuria weaves so many disparate parts of my life together into one exquisite tapestry. So many yarns and threads of varied textures and colors, thicknesses and weights – skillfully combined to tell my story – my larger story – my epic tale – my heroic journey and all around me are clear mirrors – reflecting possibility, creativity, and courage right back at me!

It is with reverence and gratitude that I kneel before Enchanteur and place this tapestry on the floor before her. Heather stands beside her with Raven on her shoulder. Looking into their eyes, they hear me with the ears of their hearts. And if you are reading this – you too will hear this piece of the tale.

Enchanteur heard me knocking, saw my creative potential, and pulled me close to her. She let me feel her beating heart, let me breathe in rhythm with her, sprinkled me with the seeds of dreams and the visions of enchantment.Upward we swirled and flew on the wings of ravens, down we penetrated – into the dark, black, holding spaces of incubation, and then returning to the middleworld, she gave me a pair of wings, some spectacles, and several other useful items (and that darn candlestick) and she gave me a nudge in the direction of previous travellers and wished me well.


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