Entering the mine – Seven

December 24, 2006

Angels and Demons at the Gate

Written: Tuesday 10/24/2006

Maria woke with a start – still under the influence of the dream – it always seems so real – moving with stealth through the night – every sense alert. The dreams come almost every night now. For years, she had held them at bay – but each night brings more details and more reality. Maria finds that the dreams are getting harder and harder to explain away as “just dreams.” But now – the sun is up, she smells – YES! garlic and tomatoes! Oh that Darlene knows how to cook like a Domestic Goddess. Bruschetta for breakfast – again – her favorite!

She smiles as she remembers the great fun of the previous evening. Darlene regaling her with stories of the happy times when the hot sulfur springs were open and the mines brought men and women in small groups travelling on camels.

These visitors came to stay at small B&Bs called Caravanserai. They worked hard in the mines – but they were not obessed. The coffee houses overflowed with Troubadours and Cantadoras. Herbalists practiced openly on the streets. An Oracle hung out a sign and soon people flocked to her tent to learn the art of Tarot and self-divination. Instead of saloons there were salons – oh what a difference a vowel makes – Darlene chuckled!

It is rumored – if you knew the right people – there was a medicine woman – some whispered that she was a shaman of sorts – who created custom Chakra Balancing Sessions. But this was before the troubles, before the fires came through and destroyed the town of Leaning Birches.

Last night was great fun, but today, she must leave Darlene and her hospitality behind. That darn mule is pestering her to go for a ride! So after breakfast they are going for a leisurely stroll in the countryside.


Darlene held Maria close, and whispered in her ear. Maria pulled back and looked deep into Darlene’s eyes – feeling a flash of fear in her stomach – but Darlene’s gaze was steady and strong. She saddled up her supplies on the mule’s back and set off on foot. Several hours later, hot and thirsty, she begged the mule to take a break. This mule however, had other ideas – in fact she was a bit stubborn and kept plodding on, farther and farther away from the town until they came around an outcrop and stopped suddenly at a solid rock wall.

Maria stared at it for a bit and then her eyes began to pick out some details. There was a handprint. Curious, she walked over and placed her hand on the cool stone. A perfect fit. Before she could give it another thought, there was a deep rumbling and the rocks opened to reveal….





On to the Cosmic Egg

One comment

  1. This is a magnificent, atmospheric post Julie. You capture a sense of the bustling mine area and the serenity of the area your donkey insisted you go to. I sense that you will find a new part of Lemuria here. Wonderful! And that art work is so vibrant and rich in colour.

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