Your Inner Mule – Three

December 23, 2006

Midnight in the Valley of Oaks
Written: October 20th, 2006

Animaswolf stopped for a moment, listening with all her senses, sniffing the air, alert for danger. She heard water running and followed the sound. A bit tired from her journey, she felt the need to push on. Slipping down an embankment, she paused again at the edge of the creek. Oak leaves littered the ground here and before she drank, she took a moment to watch the wind in the trees, to listen to the rustle of the leaves, to smell that rich scent of decomposing leaves. When she was sure she was alone, she drank deeply from the sweet water.

Since dusk, she trotted across the mesa tops trying to get down the other side. Just before midnight, she came to a break in the rocks and was able to make her descent. She knew she needed water. She could run and roam for several more days without food. Fasting was part of her life and it felt good to run with an empty belly. Water was much more precious and always a concern. Now that her thirst was quenched, she knew she must find the farm house where the keeper of the mine lives.

Continuing upstream, splashing over rocks and through shallows, she ran through the night. Hours later, she caught a whiff of smoke in the air. Smoke means humans. Perhaps she will find the house she is looking for. But dawn is coming and she cannot be caught out in the open in her wolf form, so for now, she will find a place to nap. On a ledge, she sees a small patch of grass and turns around three times, curls her tail over her nose, and begins to relax. As sleep comes, she wonders where she will meet her inner mule and what information and supplies the keeper of the mine have for her.

It crosses her mind that she is so far behind everyone else. She is tempted to skip ahead. Tonight at dusk a couple of ravens showed up. One was ordinary, the other was magnificent with shiny black feathers and a keen eye. She overheard them talking. Something about a change of plans, the mine permits no longer available, needing to go somewhere else instead. Should she continue through these steps one by one – or fast forward to join the group? Does one ever “catch up” with Enchanteur?

On to Mules, Supplies, and Appeasements for the Keeper of the Mine

Posted by Soulwright

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