Words of support

December 14, 2006

Written on November 1, 2005 for a woman who was feeling alone because she had no man in her life to help her put together a piece of furniture. She wept in frustration and loneliness. I doubt I would have the same response now.  Now I would go looking for the roots of abandonment.  I would explore why she felt “negative” perhaps it was just grief and sadness being masked by frustration.

Re-reading these letters is a good way for me to see the path of growing into myself and my voice.

You are
exactly where you need to be and exactly
who you need to be at this moment in
time and I love you just the way you are!

You are not farther along or behind on
this journey we call life. All of us
have our tasks to accomplish. What
seems simple to me seems overwhelming to
others. That which I cannot imagine
EVER doing is simple to you. There are
no companions on the journey. We all
walk it alone.

I am in a loving committed relationship,
yet I too would be doing this
household task alone.

That’s just the way it is. I rant and
rave and rail against it, but it is what
it is…

When we accept ourselves for who we are,
then and only then can we love ourselves
enough to have enough compassion to
forgive ourselves for what we are not.

Sit with the negativity. Embrace it!
Own it! Do it until you are done with it
and then lay it down beside the road and
walk on.


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