December 14, 2006

Over the last couple of years – I wrote a lot about my journey to self and Self and Soul. I read, and read, and read – and sometimes I re-read something from a year or so ago and fall in love with myself – for the tender part of me that struggled so hard to grow up and leave my first adulthood behind.

I am really not sure where to put my “opus” I am spread out all over – in my journals, in my email, in the online groups I moderate and in the groups of which I am a member. This may not be a process that works or that I pursue – but for the moment I think I am going to begin to post some of those musings and wanderings here.

I write for me – but when I share I am heartened when something I wrote becomes a cairn for others on their own journies to Self.

So, shall we begin?


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