Life, Death, Life Cycle

December 14, 2006

I wrote this on November 6, 2005 to a woman
who was feeling desperately shy and lonely
and grieving about a dying relationship.

As I read your letter, I was thinking of
something I learned from Dr. Estes – the
life-death-life cycle.


When things die, it seems that they are
over, and all is lost, and we are lost.
But this is a valuable time for the
soul. Nothing new comes into our lives
until there is room. In the death part
of the cycle, we can take time to make
room. Letting go of things that are no
longer working for us. I like to think
of it as weeding in the garden of my
soul! I have posted this before, but I
think these are powerful words, so here
they are again – the short version.

Quote from “Church of the Dog” by Kaya

For me, gardening is a form of prayer.
Most people have an awareness of life
and death, but few have an awareness of
life, death, and life again. Gardeners
do though.
Weeding is therapeutic. For me it’s an
exercise in getting rid of invasive,
non-native thought patterns in the
garden of my soul, you know, pulling up
things that are taking over, things that
aren’t working…making room for what I
desire. Weeding is an exercise in the
power of intention. I intend to grow
sweet peas. So I do. First though, I
make room for them. So as I weed, I
think about all the things in my life
that I intend to manifest and all the
things I need to weed out to make room.
usually boils down to weeding out fear
to make room for love.”
Kaya McLaren; Church of the Dog

Dear one – now is a time to just sit with
these things – let them be. In our
solution driven world of “self-help” and
“fix-it” we have forgotten how necessary
the fallow times are.

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