The affair continues

November 12, 2006

I need to get my hands on a scanner so that I can share the imagery that is spilling out into my journals. There is something very powerful about having a written prompt and a visual prompt both. This world of Enchanteur is truly enchanting!

Come join me in you dare!




  1. My keys finally came today, I’m so excited! I am not sure I can match Zatch’s extreme excitement or not for his new musical noisemaker. I like to tell people what my “word verification” code is: “nollt”.

  2. Also, do tell me more about this DailyWriting.net


  3. Wally,

    Go see my blog on wordpress. The link is on this blog. There are some teens that post to the site and then men and women of all ages.

    It is a place for sharing your stories, art, imagery, creativity, and all that living a creative life invites of us.

    To begin you will need a wordpress.com blog – then if you are interested – we can get you started.

    From what I can see of your explosion of creativity with Bemused and Moonstruck you are ready for this experience.

    Come join me in Cyberia!


  4. Hello :]
    Did you have fun at the concert?

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