An affair

November 1, 2006

Yup! I am having an affair. Don’t tell anyone. I am absolutely besotted. Can’t think of anything else. First on my mind before I start my day and last on my mind before I enter dream time. I admit – I am in the infatuation phase. The heady times of new love…

I am participating in a collective blogging experience and thoroughly stretching the limits of my creativity! It feels good to root down and rise up flowering ecstatically, thriving where I am planted.

In this world I travel as Soulwright.



  1. This is not so much a comment about this entry as it is a comment in general:

    I have long been absent from your household! I need to return very soon.
    Your son has XC so much nowadays.

  2. Yes! He does – but we did not make it to the state level. He did PR (Personal Record) though at the Panorama meet so he is feeling he had a good season.

    How’s your mom feeling? Email me if you like.


  3. She’s fine, she has stitches between her gums and lips so she has to talk quietly and some bruises but that’s about it. She has a nice rental car now free of charge and is getting a new car for free, so she says it may be worth it.

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