Healing Sun – Tarot Reading

October 22, 2006

My tarot explorations are deepening as I begin this new cycle. I started off studying Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller, and Thomson – moved on to Liz Greene, fell under the spell of Angie Arrien and now am working with a book by Nina Lee Braden – Tarot for Self-Discovery.

I chose Healing Sun because it appealed to me – the nights are getting longer and the sun is more and more precious to me at this time of year. The cards I used were The Sun, my Sun sign – The Lovers (Gemini) and then a random card – the card I drew was The Tower.

For those of you new to the study of Tarot (and as a reminder to me!) in many traditional decks, The Fool – Card 0 travels the Major arcana. Using the imagery in cards I through X she establishes her strengths that help her see her inner potential. As she progresses around the wheel – cards XI – XX present a series of challenges – culminating in the World or Universe card – a time of integration. She then once again steps off the cliff – a fool on her journey – but she is now a wise fool – ready to deepen her inner knowing and dip down into the well of her unconscious to bring more of herself to light.

First Impressions:

It is always powerful when a random card comes from the Major Arcana… This ought to be a good one!

Deck Used: – Mythic Tarot

This may not be the most “sophisticated” deck – but it is the one I learned with – and so when I am working with new techniques – I tend to use this deck. Now that I am online and looking at other images of these three cards from other decks – I am sure my reading would be different with something like the Greenwood – but alas – I work with what I have and hope that one day – this deck will find me.

The Sun

The Moon precedes the Sun and during the moontime – ideas germinate. With the sun – they come to the light of day, draw energy from the sun, and become material realities. The task of the sun is to balance conscious and unconscious material. My deck uses Apollo and his “long shooting” arrows. The arrows see purpose and reason for experiences long before we have emotionally processed them. OK – now I am hooked on this reading.

The Lovers

Healing union – recognition of opposities – looking carefully at implications and consequences of choice. In the judgment of Paris – he chooses Aphrodite over Hera or Athena – and what young man wouldn’t be seduced by her wiles and charms. But the consequence was the Trojan War. This was the only choice he could make in that moment. But having been around the wheel a few times – what recognition of opposites are in front of me – where do I need to make a choice or create a union?

Interestingly enough – I am working my way out of either/or into both/and so the either/or feels like the Judgment of Paris and the Both/And feels like new work for a new cycle. Oh yes – this reading is working for me!

The Tower

The tower as the ego structure, burning – where is my unconscious expressing a burning desire to get my attention? where is my outer stone facade under attack? What is the jolt that is disrupting my security?

When the tower appears – a powerful instinctual force is emerging from the unconscious. The power is stronger than the “will” to suppress it. In the card I have – Poseidon is there. The earth god with a fish tale who links us to the sea creatures – the archaic world of instinct.

In the mythic tarot – this card is linked to the Labyrinth of King Minos and the minotaur – the hidden shameful secret hidden deep in the cave. Yet in the card – we see the “Breaking out of a Persona” in the tumbling of the tower.


For me these three cards all deal with integration of conscious and unconscious material which was the focus of the past four years and began and ended with drawing “the universe” card – 09/2002 and 10/2006. The part that feels relevant right now is that in breaking out of my “guide, mentor, leader, moderator” persona and risking rejection at the door of L’Enchanteur – I have found the mentor who I was looking for. Enchanteur allowed me to swap roles – to be the eager recipient instead of the constant provider. I am so well-fed at her table that I seem to have overeaten.


One comment

  1. The Mythic Tarot is a lovely deck, a friend did a reading for me about a month ago with it.

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