The Wildman

October 20, 2006

After sitting at the Well of Sagais for so long, patiently waiting while the water level rose, filling my buckets, drop-by-drop they are now full, overflowing, the well is spilling out and the creek is bank full. Who should appear now? The Wildman! From the Celtic Shaman’s Oracle.

Uh oh!

In this deck cards 2-4 are movers. I already drew the Vision Singer several weeks ago. At the time I was working my way once again through Angie Arrien’s Four Fold Path – and spent some concentrated time with The Visionary. She is the one “singing for my life.” She is one who gives me my power songs. She was followed by the Well of Segais. While sitting by the well, Julia Cameron reminded me that small, creative actions are the way to move out of a feeling of being powerless or stuck. In the month that followed, things began to shift imperceptibly as I began to pay attention to what is working in my life.

I needed to re-visit Baba Yaga. My house was dark and I needed to go out into the dark woods. Listening to my doll, we wandered deep into the forest until we arrived at the house which walks around on the legs of chickens. Baba wasn’t home, she was out flying in her cauldron, but since we had been there before, we left a post-it note on her door and rekindled our fire. The journey back home gets easier each time even though the path is never the same.

But I digress! I came here today to talk about the Wildman of Chesca Potter showing up yesterday. uh oh!

He represents Ecstatic Vision – vision that borders on madness. He walks the narrow boundary between worlds and returns with knowledge for his people. Not content to live in the ordinary world, he escapes back into the forest to live out the life of a mad and inspired visionary.

No wonder the waters of creativity are flowing.

It is from this space that I embarked on the search for the elixir with Enchanteur.

If I can get access to a scanner, I will share my images of the man who is wild!


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