The Universe

October 18, 2006

My Soul Symbol in the Tarot is 4. I am finding myself at the end of a four-year cycle that began at 44 and is ending at 48. I am walking the Four Fold path of Angie Arrien and I am using the Four ways of knowing – of Steve Gallegos. With the completion of this cycle – I keep getting glimpses of the vision that awaits me – but it is either shrouded in mist – or separated from me by a chasm, an abyss, a cliff.

Yesterday as I consulted with Salmon Boy – he asked me “What are you afraid of? You don’t lack courage, so what are you afraid of?”

I slept with that last night and dreamt of odd things – new computers, paying bills for a friend, cleaning her house, helping her husband, trying to move something and get it turned around – an odd jumble. Yet this morning – I feel a clarity, the mist is burning off, and I selected the Thoth deck for a single card reading.

The Universe

This is a card that I drew four years ago – September, 2002. It represents a completion of a great inner work, the unifying of polarities and opposites. The sickle in her hand is cutting through limitations and she weaves them into a net to dance upon. At the base of the card is the Pantheon – home to all the selves of my Self. I am welcoming home all the re-membered parts of myself. In the next 21 weeks I will manifest and actualize the gifts of this journey.


I deeply value making a contribution that makes the world a better place in which to live.


I commit to Bridging Worlds.


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