September 28, 2006

A community of men and women seeking the mystery – ascending to the upperworld of spirit and descending to the underworld of soul while flowering ecstatically in the middleworld of daily life and desiring to bridge the great divide.

Rooted in Soulcraft and A Natural History of the Soul by Bill Plotkin, but also branching out to include wisdom from the Tarot and other methods of divination, balancing the wheel of the four ways of knowing – sensing, feeling, imagination, and thinking, exploring the deep imagery methods of Steve Gallegos, opening the eight gates of wisdom as described by Angeles Arrien, romancing the shadow and mining it for gold, and finally, really, growing up and shedding the shrouds of insufficiency, paying attention to what has heart and meaning, falling into the center of our longing, devouring and digesting the works spawned by followers of C. G. Jung – especially James Hollis.

An intact healthy adult I/ego/self
A desire to nudge the self aside to listen to Self
Ability to use or learn the techniques of Active Imgination
Willingness to share your night dreams
Courage to use the process of projection to learn more about your Self

Desire, hunger, fire, enthusiasm, fervor, and passion for the work!

There is a time for incubation, consolidation, and rest.
There is time for tender, nurturing of the seedlings of change and growth.
There is a time for rooting down and rising up.

If all that work is done – there comes a time for Ecstatic Flowering that cannot be silenced and cannot be denied!

Having gone to hell and back – probably more than once – having unearthed your soul gifts and recognized their power – you are now ready to show up and be present.

Mary Oliver asks:
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Let’s talk about creation, art, apprenticing and mastering our soul gifts as a way to mend ourselves and mend the world.

Come Bridge Worlds with me!



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