Maiden Mother Crone

September 27, 2006

Baba Yaga
Art work from Global Goddess

When I began to work with various archetypes – I found the work of Jean Shinoda Bolen and Clarissa Pinkola Estes filled with rich descriptions of goddesses and other archetypes. I spent some time delving into the ways the lives of the goddesses expressed themselves in me. My first encounter with Persephone – (maiden) was memorable! But that is for another post. Demeter too will wait for later. Today – it is Hecate – the crone – the hag at the cross roads – Baba Yaga who has my attention.

I am re-reading the tale of Vasalisa and her nine tasks. Her journey away from the safety of her home, into the dark forest, being tested by the wise woman, encountering the mystery and returning home.

  • The First Task — Allowing the Too-Good Mother to Die;
  • The Second Task — Exposing the Crude Shadow;
  • The Third Task — Navigating in the Dark;
  • The Fourth Task — Facing the Wild Hag;
  • The Fifth Task — Serving the Non-Rational;
  • The Sixth Task — Separating This from That;
  • The Seventh Task — Asking the Mysteries;
  • The Eighth Task — Standing on All Fours;
  • The Ninth Task — Recasting the Shadow;

It is good to re-visit this journey as the nights are growing longer.


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