Creative Flow

August 30, 2006

Someone asked me today:

What does an “outer mirror of creative flow mean?”

And it took me a moment to realize how effortlessly I use the “jargon” of shadows, projections, screens, mirrors, etc. Six months ago – a statement such as this would have baffled me!

But today – standing in this stream – this is what I replied…

If a projection is something within – that we cannot see until we “project” it onto someone or something – then we need a mirror or screen to receive the message from the unconscious.

For me – water is associated with creativity. So when I sit and watch water flow – I can allow my unconscious material to rise up and be projected onto the stream… which is ironically called “Dry River.”

What I am finding difficult to sit with right now is the drought after the monsoon rains… and yet last night – after weeks of dry crunchy grass – there was a deluge and we got over an inch of rain…so the Dry River will certainly be flowing.


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