Tell it on the mountain

July 21, 2006

At the public library the other day looking for a non-fiction book on cassette, I wandered through the fiction section. As I glanced over the titles, I wondered who checked these out and when they were last listened to. In the days when the books were stamped on checkout – you could see when and sometimes who had checked out a book. I loved to check out a book that had last been read many years ago. Now it is so efficient and impersonal.

And as I wandered and mused – my eye was caught by this title:

Tell it on the mountain

So I checked it out and I have been mesmerized at the voices of these women. Voices of Appalachia. The voices I hear in my town, when I travel to North Carolina, and Tennessee. The voices of my kin – the Allred clan of Tennessee.

This morning as I spend time on the chores of sorting through the mail that piled up in my six week absence, the task will be sweeter being in the company of these creative and wild women.

I can’t seem to find a link to this work – there is a group called Appalshop.org that published the work after it aired on NPR. Perhaps your local library has a copy? It is worth a listen.

Photo from BBC


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