Smoke and Mirrors

July 17, 2006

In my travels through blogland I found Coyote Feathers and I feel such a kinship with her musings. I avoid most news – radio, tv, internet, but on her recommendation I have been checking the BBC news site periodically and they have a feature called the week in pictures. This photo’s caption is:

In Sydney, aboriginal didgeridoo player David Little performs at the opening ceremony of the First Nations’ Economic Opportunities Conference.

It so captures my mood today as I wander through the imagery evoked by the phrase “smoke and mirrors.” The predominant association I make is deception.

Something I adore about the internet is the ease with which you can look something up – so I did. The origin of the phrase “smoke and mirrors” comes from the performances of stage conjurers who use these devices to hoodwink the audience.

Conjuring is something I will own – I love to conjure! But not to deceive or to trick. I conjure to evoke and invoke the mystery.

For without the mystery – why bother showing up?

Today I was labeled as:

all drama, smoke, mirrors, and mysticism.


One comment

  1. I just now saw this on your blog. “Smoke and Mirrors”, for me, is a term that means that there is no substance, no reality, just an idea that belongs to someone else. Someone uses smoke and mirrors rather than answering straight up without any conjuring or sidestepping. That is what the term means for me.

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