Poetry from the Quest

July 16, 2006

Seven sisters, two guides, and one apprentice. Ten women on the edge of Mystery Canyon deep in the wilderness of the Manti-La Sal writing poetry.

Standing at the Edge Wide open space,
I am what I am.
Owl calls me forward,
her wildness pushing back, constraining domesticity.
The scent of pine, and warmth of Mystery penetrates my bones.
Reverence, pure being, going empty, looking for the rocks,
while a bird song asks me to be a tree.
I hear the Beloved calling,
there is no other.
Heart opens, growing out of soul,
with the sun warming my back
swirling overhead,
silence within, I will open.
Cool air descending
Take me,
longing for warm for sun and rock.

The Journey
Deep beautiful peace
Ready to be reborn
Body Responding
Rush of the wind
Sun hits my face
Wind of my rebirth
Shooting stars
Green green leaves
Heart break and hope
Undressing the bear
Lively sound
Passionate love for everything
Wind carrying me
Sun heating my blood
Buzzing… pay attention
Cracked stone of my heart
Craving the darkness between moon set and dawn
Bird wings flapping
Deep encounters in the night
Coyote honored
Time passing carelessly
Fleeting mouse is my friend
Seduced by a waterfall
Silence and descent
All my questions whispered
Wind on my soul
Fiery sun slips beneath
Seeing crosses and diamonds
The wild chesnut mare finds a hidden spring
My hearts fierce response
The Red Tail answers “YES”

Go in magic,
with abundant flowering
toward the allurements of home,
follow the flowing seeds in the wind.
Be tall even when feeling small,
Ride the wind’s rythmn
and let me hear my wild heart beat
with the sun on my skin
and the smell of leaves and rain.
Seven Soul Sisters,
with humming bird’s support
amigas, animas (friends, soul).
The wild storm washes away
What is the wind speaking?
Touch the rough ground,
as seeds become flowers,
stop, breathe, listen.
In the middle of Red Rock Canyon
kiss each petal.


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