Bluebeard – again

March 14, 2006

With my shadow work – I am working with the inner predator the Bluebeard archetype in WWRWTW.

I think Bluebeard is both in us and out there. I think we can project anything that is hidden and disowned onto nature, the world, or another person.

Currently I am listening to: Sitting by the Well: Bringing the Feminine to Consciousness Through Language, Dreams and Metaphor and getting more shadow insights.

Her analogy for the inner predator is this:
The energy for the predator is invisible, but the actions are visible. Her example is if she takes a magnet and puts it under a piece of paper she has created a magnetic field – but it is not visible nor is it noticed. But if she puts some iron shavings on the paper – they will react to the magnetic field. The shavings are under the influence of this hidden energy.

In our lives – we are all born with the energetic field for the inner predator – but nothing is attached to it. As we grow up and hear messages of “not good enough” “not smart enough” “not thin enough” or whatever – they are attracted to the energy field and stick…and in time they grow until they become noticable either through a projection onto someone else or as that inner voice that tells us we are no good.

That destructive force is the Bluebeard of the story.

The loyal soldier is actually a totally different archetype. The soldier was created by the powerless child to face the overwhleming power of the adults and other “big people.” The loyal soldier is always acting in our best interest – its just that our lives are kept small by the soldier. The soldier keeps us small, invisible, safe, and out of the limelight. By honoring and transforming that archetype – we can live a larger life. By listening to the loyal soldier we stay small and safe and invisible.

So I was wrong to lump them together – they are two different patterns.


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