Five Years Ago

March 7, 2006

My husband spends much of his time in the present moment – neither worrying about the future nor thinking about the past. Decades of training in the art of mediation support his natural inclination to live in his head.

We can be in an airport, in a busy restaurant, in huge crowds, or intimate gatherings and I will glance at him and see the tell tale signs… he is off floating in serenity.

I however seem to spend much of my waking and dreaming hours running around. Seeking, tracking, exploring, dreaming of the future and what I wish to manifest, making one and five year plans and pondering the past and remembering what I was doing on this day one year ago, five years, ten, twenty… What are my earliest memories? And then I am off in a reverie of my own – but is is rarely serene – it is always intense.

Five years ago was a time of extensive travel:

January 2001 – IAD – LAX non-stop! because I found a flight that was March 2001 – to California with my son.
April 2001 – to California with my best friend – C.
June 2001 – Camping/driving trip from Riverside, CA – across the Mojave Desert, Bakersfield (among the orange groves) and then up to Sequoia National Park to commune with the wise ones who live as trees.
August 2001 – to Seattle and the Olympic Penninsula for a wedding in Port Townsend and a reunion with a dear friend J who met up with us in Port Angeles.
October 2001 – a couples trip – first time in ten years that we left our son.
We stayed at Ten Thousand Waves. It was at this spa that I met a woman healer who told me to go home to my tiny town and I would find someone to work with me. At the time I was on a guru hunt to find someone to help me with fourth chakra issues. Sure enough – within a few months after that experience, I found a woman who defies description – she is a body worker, healer, energy channeler, reflexologist, goddess, angel, and a deep believer in the transformative power of love. For five years she has supported me in my travels.

The picture above is of my father and my son, wine country, California, five years ago, March 2001.


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