March 7, 2006

I have spent a delightful morning in blogland – connecting with women through this strange phenomenon of publishing one’s diary online.

Some are public and some are private. Mine began private but is now public. Some use their real names and cities (mine began with a pseudonym and my location is general but I am now using my real name). Some are specific and some are general, but all that I visit regularly draw me in because of the stories that are told.

Being an introvert – one who is energized from spending time alone and within I am drawn to the intimacy and distance of blogs – and am often filled with a great love of the world when I read the words of a wise woman.

So my questions today are:
Do you blog?
Do you read other’s blogs regularly, rarely, never?
Would you share your favorites from the land of blogs and WHY you visit them.

I’ll go first:
I blog – but only a few times a week – not daily.
I try to visit my favorite blogs at least once a week.
A few of my favorite blogs and why:

Michele Ensminger
I no longer remember how I found her blog but I stay for lots of reasons. Ar first it was because we have a dear friend who is teaching in Lubbock and trying desperately to come east. Her Vassar upbringing did not prepare her for living in Lubbock and I am not sure that she has found her home at Texas Tech. But I stayed with Michele’s blog because she speaks from the heart – and has the courage to put her name out there and her photo and she struggles with many of the same things that I do.

liz elayne : **Tacoma, Washington
I found her through SPT (self-portrait Tuesday) and fell in love with her self-portrait and stayed because she writes poetry and puts beautiful photos on her blog.

Fran lives in Redondo Beach, California about 50 miles (as the raven flies) from where I grew up. She is older than I am, but we share many of the same memories of growing up in southern California. I found her because I was searching for descriptions of the Soul Collage process. She has many of the crone aspects that I want to incorporate into my life.

Frank Maceowen
He wrote The Mist Filled Path – Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and
Seekers. He posted a beautiful photo of a woman with a snake tattoo on her back that I am drawn to:

Lorianne is a prolific writer and photographer and shares her life with a dog companion and their adventures are delightful!

So these are a few that come to mind today.


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