Divine Feminine Wisdom is born

March 5, 2006

The birth of Divine Feminine Wisdom is a culmination of my search for connection with other women. But it isn’t just connection that I yearn for. I want to talk about the deep things, the things that really matter, the roots of who we are, our genuine longings. My path to the creation of this list began in graduate school with a small group of four women who met periodically to talk about what it was like to be a woman in a field dominated by men.

Later I was in a “new Moms” group where I met my dearest friend. Around 2002, I began to seek the divine, to study the goddesses, to seek the wisdom innate and inherent in all women. I organized a loose group of women (or perhaps a group of loose women) to meet and talk about their views of divinity and what is sacred and how they honor the sacred within and without.

Later, I became interested in Sacred Circles and studied what makes a circle of women self-sustaining. Much of my guidance for that creation came from “Sacred Circles : A Guide To Creating Your Own Women’s Spirituality Group.”

I see DFW as a Sacred Circle – where all women have equal value as contributors. My role as moderator of this group, is to insure Sacred Speech and Sacred Silence.

My guides will be my inner knowing based on years of Inner Work, the book Sacred Circles, and also The Way of Council by Jack Zimmerman and Gigi Coyle.

My guides will also be you – the participants.

Julie in Virginia
In the valley of the Shenandoah
In the shadow of the Massanutten


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