Shower her with love

February 26, 2006

Well it was lovely! Lavender and Celadon and even the grapes from the grocery store were the right color.

Remember the 4×4 meme? I did something similar, but I asked the groom to be to send me his answers and the bride to be had to guess what he said. She seemed to enjoy it – I know that I did!!!!

So I will call her M to protect her privacy.

Four Jobs: Graduate student, undergrad researcher, pizza delivery man,
computer programmer
Four Movies: The Big Lebowski, Glory, Lord of the Rings, Hook
Websites: packers.com, pollstar.com, cnn.com, theonion.com
Four Foods: anything “M” cooks, long grain and wild rice with chicken,
Zachary’s pizza, Indian takeout
Four places I’d rather be: Virginia, Bolinas, Lake Anza, On my honeymoon

What do I most adore about “M”? That no one has ever taken care of me
the way she does and that she’s really pretty.
What does “M” most adore about me? That I love our dog as much as she
What my favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint cookies and cream, or “one bite of whatever “M” is having”

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