Internal Divination

February 20, 2006

This is an example of the beautiful artwork of Chesca Potter. She illustrated the Greenwood Tarot deck. I do not own this deck, but I love the imagery that is stimulated when I work with her cards online.

This card showed up in a relationship spread that I did. My relationship question was my role in an intentional community of 78 women. This card showed up for the outcome on two separate occasions.

Heron Queen of Cups

Greeting the dawn, often alone, the heron is reputed to be gifted with psychic perception and reflection. The guardian of many esoteric secrets, it is said to stand at the gateway between life and death and to act as mediator on the soul’s journey to the Celtic Otherworld and reincarnation.

Many of my waking and dreaming hours are spent in reflection, greeting the dawn, alone. I stand at the gateway between my self and Self and can’t go back, yet going forward I progress in halting steps.

Drawing this card denotes someone who is deep, wise, knows when to be silent; is psychic, emotional, able to be solitary, but also able to impart wisdom with maturity and responsibility.

Someone able to be still enough to receive gifts of wisdom.

Please let it be so!


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