Gratitude Lessons from long ago…

February 17, 2006

Grateful Friday

In my daily travels around the land of blogs – I came across Grateful Friday and it is a ritual that I would like to participate in.

My first encounter with “Gratitude” with a capital “G” was when I was in a job that was sucking the life out of me. I had a nasty run in with another employee and my boss made her apologize to me.

Of course this made our relationship more strained than ever, but she handled this with such grace. I was not graceful at the time. I was arrogant and rude and saw her as “support staff” and me as “someone important.”

Ouch! It pains me even to remember this.

But she continued to be kind to me, and steady, and show me compassion, and over time, she showed me the value of support staff in a large organization and I am grateful to her for her faith in me.

As my time with this company became to an end, I was feeling angry and bitter and resentful and all those uncomfortable feelings that come with lack of inner knowing.

She came to me one day and asked if I was familiar with “Gratitude Journals.” I wasn’t and at the time, I wasn’t ready to be grateful at work. Angry and bitter was more comfortable.

Yet many years later, the seed she planted, found fertile soil. Once again I was in a situation that brought out “angry” and “bitter” two long term companions of mine. And I remembered her suggestion of a gratitude journal and each day – I sat and wrote TEN things for which I was grateful. Somedays all I could write was that I was grateful that I could write and that I was alive.

Now, my life is much richer, and gratitude trumps angry and bitter most of the time.

For that I am truly grateful!


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