Blessed Moon Mother

February 13, 2006

I once belonged to an online community – I liked to think of it as an “intentional community” of women. I yearned to make connections with women who were also in the middle passage and struggling to find their way. For a brief time – it seemed my wish would come true – but as in all things, the river continued to flow and the community changed and then I left.

I took many things with me – a few good friends, dozens of “stories as medicine” and one night – we had a vision of a traveling caravan of women and I added this to the vision.

All of us shed our sealskins and
wearing only our soulskins
we bathe in the water
under the light of our
moon mother.

Heaven on Earth.

Perhaps one day it will come to pass…But not in February in USDA Zone 5!

And as I was musing of my desire to dance in my soulskin under the moon – I stumbled on this wonderful labyrinth metaphor…and I chuckled and giggled and said Yes! oh that is sooooooo very, very me! And I feel so happy to know this woman is out in the world creating community!

Labyrinth of Light: Metaphor for a Learning Community

Bethe Hagens


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