Sacred Circle

January 26, 2006

I was browsing through my photos looking for something that represented circles and stumbled on this. Can you smell the blossoming citrus? You will swoon if you get too close or breathe too deeply. Surely this must be heaven on earth to live among a grove of citrus.

I grew up in an area where citrus groves were more abundant than houses and now the groves are surrounded by freeways and strip malls. I often wonder if there is anywhere now like that place was then… Where the groves are surrounded by ranch land and fields and vistas. Surely there must be some place where I can build a house in the middle of a citrus grove and make orange juice every day from the fruit of the trees.

Tonight is Sacred Circle night and the house is ready, the candles prepared, the water in the kettle is ready and the teas are artfully arranged.

I wonder what connections will be made tonight? What lost parts will be re-membered. What stories will be honored in council and with silent witness.

I wonder….


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