Deep Imagery

January 24, 2006

Through Bill Plotkin’s book SoulCraft I learned of the personal totem pole process and contacted the International Institute for Visualization Research to find a practitioner in my area.

I made a connection with a woman from Baltimore and we made arrangements to meet. The morning of our meeting – I awoke to a dense fog. As I drove north, the fog would lift in places and the sun would peek through. Passing through Harpers Ferry, I took a moment to connect with the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers. I experience this as a place of great power.

Visualization doesn’t come easily to me – and so I didn’t expect to have much happen during the session. I easily slipped into a state of deep relaxation – but as I attempted to begin the process – I became nauseous. The harder I tried to relax and VISUALIZE the more sick I became. My practitioner asked me to ask the nausea if it had anything to show me. To ask if it is a guide.

WHAM! We were off and running….

I hate to vomit because I hate to lose control and allowing the nausea to show me the way to relinquish control allowed the inner imagery to spontaneously erupt.

I have no idea how long the session lasted – but I chose to stop because I was amazed and overwhelmed by the number of inner guides who showed up and wanted to talk to me.

How wonderful to be greeted with such joy! All of them clamoring for my attention and so happy to get a chance to talk to me. My “special” guide was not what I expected – but s/he is just who I needed in my life.

Thank you Stephen Gallegos for your work and thank you Bill Plotkin for making me aware of it.


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