Capture and Transformation

January 20, 2006

Often, the early morning hours find me sitting and looking out the window at the birds, the yard, the sky. When it is cold, I sit with my feet on a small heater and sip my coffee. In warm weather, I go out on the back deck and sit in my rocking chair. I live in a subdivision where the houses sit close together, but we have created a wild oasis in our long, narrow, yard.

At the end of the yard, there is a wood fence, lovingly modeled after a wrought iron fence that we could not afford. One summer, my husband made 80 feet of pickets for me and three beautiful gates.

Because the fence is open, I can see into the woods beyond. We chose this lot because of the depth and also for the creek that runs across the far end of the property. The creek contains run off from the city Golf Course built after much opposition from the citizens, so the water carries traces of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. It is not a creek that I would wade in. The water is intermittent, often muddy, and rarely inviting.

I have planted many things along the banks. To try to anchor the dirt, slow the flow of water so it can soak into the soil, and hopefully, the plants will capture and transform some of these pollutants.

I have faith in capture and transformation.


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