Listening from the heart

January 19, 2006

Tuesday was a day of consolidation and break through. One of those days where all the pieces fit together and at the moment of Revelation, it was as if that last jig saw puzzle piece snapped into place. Since that moment, people have been telling me their stories, and I have been listening and not interrupting, and not fixing, and not commenting…

I love to collect stories. I love to know where people are on their journey. I look at people sometimes and wonder if they are awake. But often, in the rush of communication, I silence them by speaking quickly, cutting them off, introjecting my opinion, or otherwise diluting their words. I recognize this in myself.

This is why I mediate. I love how that word is so similar to meditate!

This is why I sit in a Sacred Circle and practice council.

This is why I like to be alone.

Yet, the growth is in the meeting…
in the coming together…
in the belonging…

After three years of solitude, I am stepping out into the world, and everything, everything, yes, every thing, has changed. I am stepping out in the world and every thing, everything has changed.


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